Connected Devices & Chatbots Hackathon

Date: June 17 - 18 2017Location: Students Culture HallLucian Blaga Square, no. 1-3

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We challenge you to take part in an intense 24 hours hackathon. This year, the hackathon gets an upgrade: chatbots. Now, you can let your imagination flee and develop more types of apps for the cool connected devices offered by our partners. Why chatbots, you may wonder? Well, besides being the coolest thing on the market now, they are on the verge of reshaping the world as we know it, from entertainment to customer experience and more. Get ready though, the competition will be fierce.

If you have a team or a project idea, we make sure that you’ll join other great developers to play & build awesome stuff.

The best three projects will be rewarded with free VIP conference passes and consistent prizes that we’ll announce soon.

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Note: all of the hackathon participants will receive a 50% discount code which can be used for the conference. Please register early on, as we cannot guarantee we will still have enough tickets left for the conference, when the hackathon comes to an end.

If you are one of the lucky members of the first 3 teams, and have already purchased a ticket for the conference, we will refund you, just email us at [email protected]

Popular chatbots you can use during the hackathon


Has third-party applications that run inside the app. Users can interact with bots by sending them messages, commands and inline requests. They can control the bots using HTTPS requests to the Telegram’s bot API.


Bot users are similar to their human counterparts. They can be mentioned, post messages and upload files, but are programmatically controlled via a bot user token. There are two kinds of Slack bot users: custom bots and app bots.


In Facebook Messenger bots can be implemented to raise awareness, acquire new customers, enable transactions, provide support or just for amusement. They can be created in 10 minutes using Node.js.



Snips helps developers integrate an AI assistant that can interact with users by voice or text and understand complex queries, all while running locally on device.

Limited to 100 developers

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